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All my personal entries are friends-locked. Please comment to be added.
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I didn't explode from Kyle's stress or from step-mother. She even asked for one of the recipes I made. Pecan Pie. =)

Hope everyone had a nice holiday.

Graphics I made for landofart over at livejournal.

Holiday icon and banners )
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Created a mirror to an icon community I run over at livejournal.

[community profile] atla2020 

I run two type of icon challenges there.

Bi-weekly icontests

20in20 challenge: 20 icons in 20 days - 10 themed, 5 related to category, 5 artist choice

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My first sewing project that I did. The fact Owen was so excited about this made me work harder on figuring out the machine I got from my mom.

Heh - been 15 years since I sewn before this. Now I got endless plans on my own designs for bags.

More pictures of Owen using his belt )

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I'm addicted to running communities.

I began a writing community for atla/lok based off one of my favorite inactive closed communities at LJ. avatar contest.

I posted challenge one if anyone of my friends-list want to join in the fun. Challenges are bi-weekly except for first one which is a tad longer.

[community profile] atla_contest 



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